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The Time Intelligence Report is a customised profile with actionable steps that will get you more organised and give you more time.
Understand how you work with time – Get time on your side.

Be more productive, and reduce stress at work and at home.
Make progress on your goals Meet deadlines
Maximise the most valuable asset you have – time.
Get your Time Intelligence Report now, and get back in control.
“I have used the reports with great success. If you're time poor and want to achieve more, you should be using Time Intelligence.”

Bob Beck – Executive Coach

“As a result of the report I am more conscious of the best use of my time, at home and in work, both short and long term.”

Zoe Sweet – Director of Organisational Development (PSMW), Welsh Assembly Government
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Professor Philip Zimbardo, world-leading psychologist, explains in this short TED film why you need to know about your unconscious time preferences and how their hidden power shapes all of your decisions.

Developed with him, our report builds on his research to give you a complete profile, including your time preferences, what they mean for you and practical steps to achieve more balance.
TED film
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